Innovative Research

Luye Boston R&D is the Discovery Engine for Luye Pharma

Luye Boston R&D is a newly established discovery facility focusing on cutting-edge biotechnology and pharmaceutical therapeutics. These technologies, once developed will become the core pipeline, of Luye Pharma for CMC, manufacturing, and global commercialization. The Boston R&D Center will collaborate with multiple business divisions of the Luye Life Sciences Group including Luye Pharma, Luye Medical, and Luye Diagnostics.

As an integral part of Luye Life Sciences Group's global R&D system, the newly-built Boston R&D Center will focus on international R&D collaboration. In particular, joint efforts between Chinese and U.S. teams will accelerate the research and development of new drug candidates in key disease areas. The Boston R&&D Center will act as an important center of excellence to internalize novel early-stage biopharmaceutical assets and disruptive drug delivery technologies.

Luye Boston R&D Center opening ceremony ribbon cutting
Luye Boston R&D Center opening ceremony ribbon cutting
Luye Boston R&D Center opening ceremony ribbon cutting

About Luye Boston R&D

"The opening of our Boston R&D Center marks another milestone in the Group's exploration of pharmaceuticals," said Dr. Youxin Li, Global R&&D President of Luye Pharma Group. "Building on existing R&D platforms for the drug delivery system(DDS)and Mab biosimilars, Luye Pharma is moving towards next-generation biopharmaceutical products and intelligent drug products. With Boston's leading position in the global biopharmaceutical industry, we look forward to laying a solid technical foundation through collaboration on new platforms and projects, to help ensure the sustainable pipeline development of Luye Life Sciences Group."

Luye Pharma History

Luye Pharma was established in 1994, and focuses on developing, producing, marketing and selling innovative pharmaceutical products in four of the largest and fastest growing therapeutic areas — oncology, cardiovascular and metabolism, and the central nervous system. The company has a portfolio of over 30 products. The business of Luye Pharma covers global main pharmaceutical markets including China, the U.S., Europe, Australia, Japan and South Korean.